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What is Iris S+ ?
menu Overview

Iris S+ is the successor of Iris. It is a Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser with five different modes (1064nm / Greentoning / PTP Bluetoning / SLP)

menu Strengths of Iris S+

• Epidermal 532 Toning treatment

• True 20 Hz for an extremely stable energy.

• Spot size setting automatically adjusted from the handpiece

• Durable European Optic Design

• Optimal flexibility with four different treatment modes

• Beautiful and convenient design with a large touch-screen interface

• Auto-backup and easy to restore system

• Online monitoring system which provides easy maintenance and immediate response

menu Indications

Iris S+ is highly efficient in treating a wide range of conditions

• Toning

• Whitening

• Peeling

• Melasma

• Freckle

• Lentigos

• Café-au-lait

• Nevus of Ota

• Seborrheic Keratosis